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There are a number of excellent sites available on the internet where you can learn about the traffic going through your Router or how to analyze your data within Link Logger.  These are some of the best:

See what traffic other people are seeing at and get a sense of what the current attacks are on the Internet.  You can use DShieldUp, a free Link Logger utility to contribute to the DShield effort in identifying attacks and cleaning up the Internet. has one of the best collection of self scans available on the internet.  More the just the usual TCP and UDP scans, PCFlank includes ICMP, IGMP scans and scans for a number of known exploits and trojan.

DSL Reports is also an excellent source of information and has the best discussion forums for Linksys, Netgear and ZyXEL products as well as one of the best security groups.  If you have questions this is the place to go as the technical abilities of it's forum members is second to none on the internet.  Most vendors (including ours) have tech support people who participate or are otherwise involved in the discussion groups on DSLReports also known as

SmallNetBuilder is another excellent site for reviews and information concerning small networks.  Tim Higgins is a bit of a legend in this area.

Practically Networked is an excellent site for reviews and information concerning Linksys, Netgear, Zyxel and their competitors. is another excellent source of information and has a number of discussion forums. is the leading site on the internet concerning software vulnerabilities (Bugtraq is the authoritative source in this area).  While SecurityFocus is where the security professionals go for information, they do offer other areas for people just starting to learn about internet security.

Security issues are escalating according to CERT/CC in their CERT/CC Statistics 1988-2008 report.

CERT/CC Annual Research Report for 2008.

CERT/CC Home Network Security is an overview of security risks and countermeasures associated with Internet connectivity, especially in the context of "always-on" or broadband access users.  Good read for an excellent overview of internet security.

CERT/CC Organized Crime and Cyber-Crime: Implications for Business.

CERT/CC Current Scanning Activity.  A summary of some of the currently common scans on the internet and the the vulnerabilities that hackers are currently trying to exploit with those scans.

US Federal Trade Commission article concerning scam emails asking for personal or financial information (ie your credit card) known in the hacking world as 'Phishing'. 

SANS Resources - The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities.

Know Your Enemy: Statistics An excellent paper on understanding how aggressive hackers can be and why track statistics from the Honeynet Project.

Need to know what application is using what port, then try Vision from Foundstone.

Sample report from Link Logger that we occasionally update, showing attacks and scans on one of our test networks.


Some Threads Posted by us on DSLReports


New or ongoing worms or attacks


Please email our if you know of any others sites which we should link to...