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Link Logger Product Information

The driving motivation behind Link Logger is to enable users to see and learn about internet security and their network traffic.  Internet security has changed much since Link Logger was originally publicly released in April 2001, as the number of scans and attacks has increased from a couple per hour to over 2000 per hour and still increasing, but most people are unaware of internet security as it is not visible in a traditional sense.  Link Logger is designed to take the logging information sent out from your router/firewall, process and then display it in a fashion that allows you to see what is happening at your router/firewall, so you can see how many scans/attacks are occurring, when and where they are coming from, what kinds of scans/attacks are they and provide a link to where you can get further information concerning the details of a scan or attack and do all of this in real time in a very easy to use product.  With Link Logger you can see when new scans or attacks are released and their effect on the internet and if they are a threat to your network.  You can even tell if a system on your network becomes infected and starts scanning out on the internet so you can take appropriate action to re-secure that system.

Link Logger also allows you to monitor and administer the systems on your LAN, so you can ensure that they are being used appropriately on the internet as you can see where, when and how the internet is being accessed.  Your router/firewall is the last single point your network so it is also the last logical place to monitor the health and usage of your network and the systems on it.  Link Logger allows you to view your traffic in real time and be able to produce reports and graphs on a network level or by individual system and while reports and graphs are good, Link Logger gives you the ability to retrieve and review the details behind the reports quickly and easily.  From displaying network usage trends to individual incident review Link Logger can help you gain and maintain control of your network.

Using Link Logger powerful traffic analysis and reporting features can not only help you to monitor and understand your network traffic, but can help you communicate that with others so they can quickly and easily see why internet security is such a concern or how your network is being utilized.  Most logging tools only show you the raw data which was sent out from the router/firewall, we take that information and process it and squeeze out as much information as possible, and then present it to you in a form that makes sense and allows you to analyze it however you wish, ranging from overview reports and graphics to retrieval of individual historic events, quickly and easily.

While Link Logger is extensively tested and beta tested before release to ensure that Link Logger is as solid and reliable as possible, it is nice to know that quality technical support is only a quick email away at where your questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

Link Logger is marketed as 'shareware' so you have a chance to try Link Logger for free for 14 days so you can see exactly what Link Logger can do and what value it provides, risk free.

Link Logger top list displays real time traffic as logged by your firewall.  The middle panel shows selected event details including hostnames, port service, and information about the attack or other information.  The bottom list is displays historical search results.

One of the things that makes us the proudest about Link Logger is the number of clients we have who have been using Link Logger for over 10 years, thanks.