Wow Blade Runner in HD DVD 
Today was a good day as Amazon delivered my Blade Runner (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition) [HD DVD] (2007) today as a late Christmas present. Blade Runner is my all time favorite movie and to be able to see the original North American release (yes I like the narration as it gives it an old Bogart feel) in HD using my Xbox 360 Elite and the HD player was simply WOW!! I own the VHS original, the DVD director's cut, but when I saw this, I had to get it as I've been waiting a long time for a DVD version of the original film and to get it now in HD is exactly what I would have asked for. I'll be watching it again tomorrow night, the only question is what version but I'm thinking the Workprint version, and then the next night the International version and so on. This is going to be a great week of movie watching.

If your a Blade Runner fan like me then perhaps next time your in Seattle you should check out the original Flying Spinner and other movie props at Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. Experience music is simply amazing, but I was hugely surprised at how good the Science Fiction Museum was. Toss in the Museum of Flight and the Seattle Underground and Seattle becomes a very cool place to visit. So I will be going mid April for the MVP Summit Conference at Microsoft, but I'll be visiting some of my favorite museums again as well.

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My First Webcast 
On November 20th I did my first webcast as part of the Microsoft Ignite Your Code Webcast series (ya I know that is a suckie picture of me, just there are not many photos of me in existence) . I did the presentation on Windows Security Essentials . You can download my demo code from here

The Demo Code includes examples on how to code DACLs/SACLs, Impersonation, Implicit/Declarative Code Security, Code Access Security and Asymmetric/Symmetric encryption.

The webcast includes an introduction into how Windows implements security and then how to include security into your code. I hope you enjoy and learn something helpful.


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A little about me 
Developer Connection group at Microsoft asked me a couple of questions in an interview for their site at ... urity.aspx


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If you are a software developer don't miss this 
If your like me you love being a software developer. I love to take ideas and create and ship software which brings those idea to life. Link Logger is just another piece of software that I've created over 17 years of being a coder. While I love being a coder, sometimes I'm not to keen on where I'm a coder and I think just about every developer has felt the same at least once in their career. Right now is maybe not the best time to be a coder as work loads, expectations etc are typically unrealistic and so while you love what you do, you might be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed with coding as a career. We have talked about this a number of times and now Microsoft Canada is doing something about it. Whats really cool about this is its not about Microsoft, its about YOU , so hustle over to:

and sign up for career enabling webcasts including:

Becoming a better developer
Sept 11, 2007
Itís a great time to be a developer in Canada. But with all the opportunities available to you, itís important to plan the path ahead. In this session, our panel of experts gives you an overview of the Canadian Developer landscape, shares their own experiences, highlights some of the many different paths you can take, and answers your questions about how to keep your career on track.

Building your skill set
Sept 18, 2007
Do you have the right technical experience? Do you know what Development skills are in demand? Do you know the best way to build your resume? In this session, our goal is to help you answer these questions. Youíll learn tips on how to improve your competencies and represent your experience and skills in a way that helps people perceive the true value you offer. You will also gain a better understanding of what organizations are really looking for in a DeveloperĎs skill set.

Discovering your trusted resources
Sept 25, 2007
Building a set of information sources and connecting to the development community at large are critical to a Developerís success. This session brings successful community, technology, and information leaders together to share their experiences in building this important set of skills. Our experts will help you learn how to identify credible sources and find the right tools, links and techniques to keep you up to date in a world of constant change.

Becoming your own boss
Oct 2, 2007
Itís becoming more common for a Developer to be identified as an Independent Developer Consultant or Contractor. Some have done this to grow their skills, others to have more control over their careers, and some are entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their vision. In this session, a panel of experts will help share their experiences as well as the joys and pains of being their own boss. Plus, the experts will answer some common questions you may have about making this shift in your career.

Creating your own startup business
Oct 9, 2007
Do you have a great idea that you believe will change the world? Wondering what it takes to start up a business? This session is hosted by a panel of Developers and IT professionals who have created their own startups and become successful entrepreneurs. Our experts will share personal startup insights and experiences, answer common questions and offer guidance for building the right startup path for you.

I'm very excited about this as its not everyday that someone comes along who wants to help you up the career ladder as a coder.


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Yet more Proof that politicians are idiots 
I am a proud Canadian, I love hockey, played hockey, but like just about every other person on the planet I hate politicians (as surprising as it might not seem, I hear that politicians like politicians and they are about the only people that do other then lobby groups, which no doubt gives credence to the fact that politicians are truly idiots as only a twit would like a politician).

So here is another example of politicians who donít have a clue what their purpose in life is. Currently the Canadian team at the World Hockey Championships the Canadian team is captained by Shane Doan who by all accounts is not only a good hockey player but is also a fine human being, but is currently the stupid issue of the day for our Ďconnoisseurs of stupidí politicians in that he shouldnít be the captain of the team because of something he didnít say two years ago (see ... 61-cp.html ). It was claimed that he made a racial slur about a French Canadian Lineman during a hockey game two years ago. The NHL dismissed the case sometime ago and everything was forgotten until some dopey politician decided that he should take it upon himself to champion the cause of the stupid and declare that because of something Shane Doan never said, that he shouldnít be allowed to be captain of the team. Iím sure this French Canadian politician (now thatís a slur) thinks that a French Canadian player should be the captain and frankly I could care less except all nine of the invited French Canadian players, turned down the offer to play for Canada at the World Hockey Championships (wonder how many of those guys will get an invite to play for Canada at the Olympics in Vancouver, hopefully none of them).

Denis Coderre and Gilles Duceppe are idiots, plain and simple.

Now what can be done, well you can go to and sign a petition telling Denis Coderre, Gilles Duceppe and company to stick a sock in it and get back to work. Frankly Iíd suggest handling this with a good old fashion hockey pulling of the suit jacket over the head while delivering a thorough thrashing and I think that just about any Canadian would be happy to volunteer for that task but Iím thinking the Hansen brothers would be a good choice, 'puttin on the foil coach'.

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