Yet more Proof that politicians are idiots 
I am a proud Canadian, I love hockey, played hockey, but like just about every other person on the planet I hate politicians (as surprising as it might not seem, I hear that politicians like politicians and they are about the only people that do other then lobby groups, which no doubt gives credence to the fact that politicians are truly idiots as only a twit would like a politician).

So here is another example of politicians who donít have a clue what their purpose in life is. Currently the Canadian team at the World Hockey Championships the Canadian team is captained by Shane Doan who by all accounts is not only a good hockey player but is also a fine human being, but is currently the stupid issue of the day for our Ďconnoisseurs of stupidí politicians in that he shouldnít be the captain of the team because of something he didnít say two years ago (see ... 61-cp.html ). It was claimed that he made a racial slur about a French Canadian Lineman during a hockey game two years ago. The NHL dismissed the case sometime ago and everything was forgotten until some dopey politician decided that he should take it upon himself to champion the cause of the stupid and declare that because of something Shane Doan never said, that he shouldnít be allowed to be captain of the team. Iím sure this French Canadian politician (now thatís a slur) thinks that a French Canadian player should be the captain and frankly I could care less except all nine of the invited French Canadian players, turned down the offer to play for Canada at the World Hockey Championships (wonder how many of those guys will get an invite to play for Canada at the Olympics in Vancouver, hopefully none of them).

Denis Coderre and Gilles Duceppe are idiots, plain and simple.

Now what can be done, well you can go to and sign a petition telling Denis Coderre, Gilles Duceppe and company to stick a sock in it and get back to work. Frankly Iíd suggest handling this with a good old fashion hockey pulling of the suit jacket over the head while delivering a thorough thrashing and I think that just about any Canadian would be happy to volunteer for that task but Iím thinking the Hansen brothers would be a good choice, 'puttin on the foil coach'.

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