Start of MVP Summit Blog 
Before I start one of the things that I hate about blogging is its a lot of work. I had this written, went to upload an image and lost what I had written, thin client interfaces suck.

OK with that off my chest, look out Seattle I'm in town again attending the Microsoft MVP 2007 Summit. In case you don't know what a MPV is visit Microsoft MVP). Lots of fun, work, and meeting people rolled up into 4 days, and after which you feel exhausted.

OK so it is overcast and raining in Seattle, surprise surprise. The flight in was rough only during the take off and especially the landing as there was lots of turbulence. Otherwise I'm lucky have no problem sleeping when I fly, so it worked out to a nice hour long nap for me. The flight crew I'm sure wanted to kill me as they have had a very long day, as they started in Dallas this morning, flew to Seattle, then flew to Calgary and then back to Seattle so they are beat but were still very pleasant. I've never had a back experience flying with Alaska Airlines or Horizon.

One thing that struck me as funny was at Boeing field there was a F-18 parked beside a Cessna. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that but I forgot my camera and only have my phone camera and we all know those suck.

Much more to follow over the next 5 days.


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