I will be at realDevelopment_2006 in Calgary on June 13th 
Time again for a Microsoft road show, and you will be able to join me in Calgary on June 13th at realDevelopment_06. In the morning get some inside information and demos from Microsoft on improving the user's web experience using Web 2.0 using AJAX (cool), RSS, Gadgets etc. In the afternoon the topic is security with information and demos on Digital IDs, Hacking and Defending.

For all you unlucky people who don't live in Calgary, you can attend this presentation in Ottawa on May 30th, Toronto on June 1st, Montreal on June 6th and Vancouver on June 8th. Typically these things fill up fast so I'd recommend not waiting to long to register. Lots of opportunities for questions and answers and I promise you will leave at the end of the day having learned something which will make you a better and more secure developer.

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