Cleaning up a drive, how to find the big files, duplicates etc 
Have you ever copied a huge file onto your system, but forgot where it was? Or have you ever needed to free up some space on your drive and hence needed to get rid of old or duplicate files? How would you do that? Try this, first open File Explorer (hold down the Windows Key (yes the funny key with the Windows logo on it) and then press the E key and the file explorer will appear). Then select the drive where you want to search or clean up, right mouse button it to bring up the pop-up menu and select ‘Search…’ to bring up the search dialog. On the search dialog select the ‘What size is it?’ option and then choice ‘Specify size in (in KB)’ and enter something like 10000 such that it will then search for all files over 10 GB and then press the Search button. Now this will return a list of all files on that drive (or sub directory depending on where you selected to search) which are bigger then your entered size.

Now this might not give you enough information to determine what you can delete or if a file is the one you are looking for, but fortunately you can get more information if you need it. I always use the ‘Details’ view, but the default setting within the search dialog often isn’t enough, so you can change this by selecting ‘View’ from the menu and then ‘Choose Details…’ where you have all sorts of details shown for the files found.

Happy cleaning….

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