Suunto n3i Watch - Worthy and cool at the same time 
After going 40+ years without wearing a watch, the Suunto n3i and MSN Direct adds up to me wearing a watch for the first time in my life and liking it. I've never been one to obey time as I often feel that it is little more then a placebo for humans giving them a feeling of control over something that plows on no matter what they do. Time began long before us and will continue long after we are gone and our concept of measuring it often only serves to help humans cope with the idea of eternity. You can't really save time, stop time, or anything else as all you can do is use the time you are given. I don't care about time as I'm task driven, in that I set daily goals for myself and then spend as much time as needed to achieve those goals, so a watch was always meaningless to me. Now my wife and others no doubt wish I paid a little more attention to time, but that is how I am.

I guess it would be two years ago I received a Suunto n3 watch which was cool as it could be connected to my MSN account and was far more then just a watch as it automatically downloaded information and such that I selected. So I tried it for awhile and while I liked it, the bulk and strap (stiff) resulted in the watch eventually finding its way to the bottom of a drawer to be somewhat forgotten. I then received a Suunto n3i which was thinner and the strap was far more comfortable, so now more often then not I find myself wearing my watch and have been for sometime now.

I find the watch to be useful for tracking my appointments, news and of course sports teams. Now tracking of my beloved Calgary Flames hockey team is more then what you might think. For example I see who they are playing next and when, how they compare in the standings with whom they are playing, and if a game is on, 'live' updates of the score and time remaining in the game and a wrap up of the game afterwards. I must admit that more then once I've been out in a formal social occasion where for whatever reasons of formal etiquette watching sports or otherwise interrupting the so called occasion with sports score would be frowned upon (likely by the female gender), but my watch has allowed me to get my scores in pretty close to real time. In fact my watch tends to draw a crowd of other males who are similarly being deprived of their sports.

The watch offers a number of other advantages such as current weather and forecasts which if you live in Calgary can be rather nice given how fast our weather can change. I also get weather conditions in other cities which is handy when traveling or talking to associates in those cities. I must admit I do like being able to change the watch face as I'm not sure how someone could stand to look at the same watch day after day for years. Another feature that is handy is it can receive MSN Messenger messages, so people can send me a text message via my watch (handy when I forget to take my phone). Another feature I've enjoyed is when I travel the watch adjusts it own time and the time is very accurate and I don't have to adjust it. Funny how many times commercial pilots have asked me for the correct time (makes me wonder if perhaps I should be flying the plane).

So how does the watch receive all of this information? MSN Direct operates radio transmitters such that your information is sent via FM signal to your watch, so you are always current. Appointments and such are sent from Outlook to MSN and then sent to your watch. The coverage is actually really good, for example Calgary and the surrounding area is covered as is Edmonton as well as other major cities in Canada. Coverage in the States seems even better, and one feature I'd like to have in Calgary is traffic updates but that only seems to be available in the States.

You can learn more about my watch here

Note MSN Direct supports a number of different watches from different vendors. You can learn more about MSN Direct here here


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