Linksys WRV200 - Link Logger and partial logging routers 
I am often asked if Link Logger supports the Linksys WRV200G which always poses a dilemma for me as currently Link Logger doesn't support the WRV200G. The reason is the WRV200G doesn't have complete logging, as it only logs outbound traffic and not inbound traffic (if a port is forwarded it logs it). So for example scans against your WAN IP are not logged by the WRV200G.

Now the sad reality is the WRV200G has more complete logging then just about any other newer Linksys product. Fortunately you can run DD-WRT, Tomato etc with a number of Linksys products (but not currently the WRV200G) and they support syslog and Link Logger, but otherwise for the most part Linksys has drop traffic logging in their newer products.

So the question remains do I support a router with partial logging or not, what do you think??


I want more info about your product;
If I use it with many Linksys model;
I need to buy for each version or only one can cover all?

and how deep web visits that can be customs?

Please response asap

Thank in advanced


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