My First Webcast 
On November 20th I did my first webcast as part of the Microsoft Ignite Your Code Webcast series (ya I know that is a suckie picture of me, just there are not many photos of me in existence) . I did the presentation on Windows Security Essentials . You can download my demo code from here

The Demo Code includes examples on how to code DACLs/SACLs, Impersonation, Implicit/Declarative Code Security, Code Access Security and Asymmetric/Symmetric encryption.

The webcast includes an introduction into how Windows implements security and then how to include security into your code. I hope you enjoy and learn something helpful.



Blake McNeill 
Actually Link Logger can run as Non-Admin once some setting have been completed by an Admin user (ie to install and run Link Logger the first time you need to be an Admin level user). Things like IP Address of the router and such require an Admin level user to setup as that information is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BinaryVisions\LinkLogger\Config with a number of other system type settings (email, alarms, database maintenance settings etc), as these are typically Admin level features where an Admin would want to set them such that a non-Admin level user couldn't change them.

Link Logger stores user specific configuration information in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BinaryVisions\LinkLogger so users can have their own settings concerning report preferences, screen layout etc.

Now if you want to run Link Logger all the time with different users logging in and out, then might I suggest using something like FireDaemon to run Link Logger as a Windows Service.


I seek an answer. Now I see you write some secure code but why must Link Logger syslog run as System to start at startup. There is link in All Users Start Up folder but this only brings up configuration and license page. Also only starts when some user logs on. Does full version run as less privileged user than System. Does run at system startup not one user login?

Thanks you

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